Copyright and Permission to Reprint

Guidelines for the reproduction of Charity Central material on websites, in any electronic format, or in print. The contents of Charity Central information materials are protected by copyright and may only be reproduced with permisission of the Legal Resource Centre (LRC). Advance approval is needed for each item or article. We reserve the right to refuse requests to reuse material. To seek permission to use any material from Charity Central or LRC that is to be reproduced in print or in any other electronic format, contact us at [email protected]

The application for reprint must include:
  1. The name of the article or information material
  2. The material(s) you are requesting
  3. The author's name (if known)
  4. A description of how you intend to use the material, including the length of time it will appear on any website
  5. The URL of your website (if appropriate)
  6. An explanation of where on your site you intend to post the article or information.
  7. Your contact information which should include the name of the person responsible, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.

The article must appear exactly as it is provided to you, with no editing, rewriting or condensation. Photos and graphics, if provided, must appear exactly as they are provided with no cropping or digital altering. There must be an indication that Charity Central and the LRC do not endorse your company, organization, or website.

If you are seeking permission to incorporate Charity Central or LRC information in whole or in part on a website or in any electronic format, a number of conditions apply.

Some of these conditions include:

  1. Articles/information is not to be downloaded directly from the site. Charity Central or LRC will provide an electronic copy of the article for posting or reprint.
  2. Charity Central and the LRC reserve the right to approve the location and format of the article/information prior to making it available in print or electronic form.
  3. Material approved for website display is normally for a period of one year from the date of approval. Unless a new permission is granted, and additional reprint fees paid, the article/information must be removed at the end of the agreement. Exceptions may be granted for publically accessible electronic databases used for research.
  4. Any article/information posted electronically must include the following information (where applicable) immediately below the title:
    1. Author name
    2. Author affiliation
    3. Reprinted with permission from the Legal Resource Centre
    4. Charity Central or LRC shown as an active link followed by information identifying the materials. Example: Website Books and Records Page 3-4
    5. This must all be no smaller than HTML heading size #4
  5. Normally, pictures and graphics will not be included with the article/information materials, but if they are, they must carry appropriate credit lines for the artist or photographer.
  6. Other conditions may be required depending upon the nature of the request.

Rates for Reprints or Reposting Fees for reproduction may vary depending upon usage and the nature of your organization. Non-profit agencies and agencies with a mandate for public legal education may be granted exceptions to the rate. If permission is granted on a non-fee basis, an additional statement to that effect must be added.

Contact information:
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Phone: 780.822.7623
Fax: 780.451.2341
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