Charity Law in Canada: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Web Resources

The purpose of this bibliography is to draw together various web resources about charity law and regulation in Canada. The bibliography was originally published in 2004 as part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Engagement Strategy which endeavoured to improve the confidence of both the public and the charitable sector in the way the sector is regulated. The second edition has been revised as part of the Canada Revenue Agency’s Enhancing Voluntary Compliance Project. 92 new entries have been added to the bibliography.

Privacy Policy Checklist

Many registered charities are confused about whether or not they must comply with privacy laws, and whether the laws they must comply with are federal, provincial, or perhaps both. This Checklist will help to answer these questions and provide general guidelines to assist with compliance. It will help registered charities draft their own privacy and information handling policies by highlighting the questions to be addressed and suggesting possible outcomes.

Fundraising and Tax Receipts

Fundraising events such as luncheons, banquets, or golf tournaments involve giving benefits to the donors. These benefits are known as advantages under the Income Tax Act. When calculating the eligible amount for an official donation receipt, these advantages must be taken into account.


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