Fundraising by Registered Charities: The Basics

In June of 2009 CRA released its Fundraising Guidance for Registered Charities. The guidance provides infromation on everything from "what is fundraising" to "how to allocate fundraising expenses". This informative presentation provides an overview of the guidance, talks about the ins and outs of allocation and reporting of expenditures for fundraising acitivities, and demystifies 3rd party fundraising. Presentation speaker: Peter Broder. The Webinar was held March 24th, 2010.

What is a Webinar?


Charities in Business: What are the limits?

What kinds of business can a charity operate? Does the answer depend on the amount of money the operation makes? Is it an issue how the money is distributed? Or, is the answer related to the nature of the business — what is being done? Does it matter how the business is run? And anyway, why can’t charities do anything they want? These and similar questions increasingly preoccupy charities and their regulators. But why, in fact, are these questions at all?

Organizing Your Corporate Documents: Legal and Ethical Duties of Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations

This workbook is designed to help members of the boards of incorporated not-for-profit organizations in Alberta understand the legal world in which they operate. Developed by the Legal Studies Program of the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta with funding from The Muttart Foundation. The publication is free and is available for download in PDF format.


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