Fundraising Context

Issuing Receipts in Specific Situations - Fundraising Context

S28. If our registered charity has a fundraising event where door prizes are included with tickets, can we issue official donation receipts? If so, for how much?

S29. If our registered charity has a fundraising event where tickets are sold at a price higher than the fair market value of a similar event, can we issue receipts? If so, for how much?

S30. Will the attendance of a celebrity at our fundraising event affect the donation amount on the tax receipts?

S31. Our registered charity sold lottery tickets. Can we issue donation receipts for the ticket and if so, for how much?

S32. Is the amount paid for a raffle ticket a “gift” and, if so, what is the amount on the receipt?

S33. Can property donated for sale at an auction be considered a gift?

S34. Can a successful bidder at an auction receive a tax receipt for donation for the amount in excess of the fair market value that he or she pays?

S35. Can ourcharity issue an official donation receipt to the donor for the appraised value of donated goods if they are sold at auction for less than this amount?

S36. Can an individual who purchases a service at an auction be entitled to a donation receipt for the amount paid that is more than the value of the service received?

S37. A business bought a block of tickets for our golf tournament with money collected from its employees. Should we issue the tax receipt in the name of the golfers who use the tickets or in the name of the business?

S38. Can a receipt be issued to participants in a fundraising golf tournament?

S39. An organization that is not a registered charity asked to use our registered charity registration number for their fundraising event. Can we do this?