F1. What are fundraising activities?

F1. What are fundraising activities?

Short answer

Fundraising activities include a solicitation of support, actions undertaken as part of the research or planning for a future solicitation of support, and actions involving communication or other dealings with donors or prospective donors relating to a solicitation of support

  • by a registered charity or someone acting on its behalf
  • to individuals or corporations
  • for voluntary cash or in-kind donations
  • with or without tax receipts
Long answer

A fundraising activity can be

  • a self-contained activity  or a component of a bigger activity
  • a single event or a series of initiatives (such as a capital campaign)

There are two general groups of fundraising activities:

  • External activities — activities that can be seen by the public, for example, mail campaigns, luncheons, dinners, golf tournaments, fairs, and telethons.

  • Internal activities — activities that may not be public, but are relevant to the success of fundraising – such as research and planning and taking care of  donors. Some examples are creating a donor database or a prospective donor list, managing donor stewardship or organizing donor recognition, and activities relating to mounting fundraising activities.

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