Fair Market Value


In this module you will learn the basics of receipting for gifts-in-kind.

Questions such as what is a gift-in-kind (donation), can we issue an official donation receipt?, and how do we determine fair market value will be answered.

There are two learning modules covered under this topic:

    1. Fair Market Value - The Basics
    2. Deemed Fair Market Value

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FMV - The Basics

This module covers basic information on Fair Market Value (FMV). It answers the questions: What is Fair Market Value (FMV)and why is it important? What are the specific rules for determining FMV? How do I receipt for FMV different types of gifts cash or gifts-in-kind)? What other considerations do I need to take into account when determining FMV? What is Deemed FMV value? GST and Fair Market Value (FMV)

Deemed Fair Market Value

This learning module provides information on: The rules around deemed fair market value (FMV); When do you apply the deemed FMV rule?; How to determine deemed FMV for gifts-in-kind?; What are the exceptions to the rule?; and Where can you find additional information on deemed FMV?