Gifting and Receipting


In this module you will learn the basics of receipting.

Questions such as what is a gift (donation) and who can be issued an official donation receipt? will be answered.

You can also study a variety of sample receipts to see what must be included on a receipt, plus learn how long your charity must keep copies of its records. Electronic receipts and other general issues around books and records are also examined.

There are three learning modules covered under this topic:

    1. The Basics

    2. Records of Tax Receipts

    3. Required Information

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Gifting and Receipting - The Basics

This module covers the basic information you need to know to issue proper tax donation receipts for your registered charity. The key areas covered are: Who can issue an official donation receipt? What is a qualified donee? What is a gift? What are the elements of a gift? and What is a gift?

Gifting and Receipting - Records of Receipts

Registered charities are required to keep records of all offical donation receipts (tax receipts) that they issue. The general issues discussed in this module include: length of time your charity must keep its records, unused tax receipts, electronic receipts and records, and sample tax receipts.

Gifting and Receipting - Required Information on Receipts

This module looks at the information that must appear on an official donation tax receipt. This module looks at the information that must appear on an official donation tax receipt.